GCR Audio

I'm always a little afraid to mention that we're making new music. It's the point of no return where people start asking you "When is it going to be done?" and "Aren't you guys working on a new project?" After a while, I just hate saying that we're still working on it. Nevertheless, we ARE in the process of recording our next album at GCR Audio.
It's really exciting to see how far we can push these sounds. We work with so many different elements, to see them all come together in just such and such a way is so fantastic. I'm really into the process of it all. Working with Kelsey on a second project so far has been eye opening for the both of us. We surprise each other constantly, it's quite great really. Still not sure if we want to to an EP or an album or if we want to release a series of singles??? We'd love to hear from you though! Reach out to us online here, facebook, twitter, or whatever and let us know what you think. More music news later.

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