OM Tour Review

The Orange Meltdown tour is officially over, and what a time we had. Instead of writing this "diary" style, I'm just going to break it down by city.
Ok, check it out:

 This was the very first stop on the OM tour. We played at Precinct, where things were a bit quiet when we first arrived.
As the night went on the scene changed only slightly. pILLOW tHEORY fans were in the audience (some wearing thier pIILOW TShirts).
I dont remember meeting anyone from the staff or even the promoter that night. We all took a shot of bourbon and played the show.
Overall this was a quiet gig, with fans that were really pumped about seeing both bands play. Pumped, but calm.
There was also a blogger in attendance. We met only briefly, after he finfished his review of the show (Read review

: The Apartment rocks! We loved this show. From the audience to the staff, everyone was great!
This was one of the "party shows" of the tour for sure. There was a comedian that was on just before pILLOW who had us dying laughing.
The bathtub and other random apartment-like stuff strewn about inspired us to be extremely silly and gave us plenty to do after soundcheck. radio was broadcasting from the club that night. Those guys were super cool and really loved our set.
We're definitely planning on returning and playing another killer show. These folks know how to party.

: We were scared. As soon as we found parking and walked to the venue we were scared.
The people hanging out in Downtown Raleigh near Slims were biazzare. It was a mixture of college kids and OG's (that's original gangsta's).
We were starving when we got there after being in the van for what seemed like forever.
We went to a place down the street that had THE MOST DELISH fried chicken sandwich I've ever had.
It had Fried green tomato on it..mmmmmm.... Anyhow, the soundgirl (who's name escapes me, sorry) was really great. 
She was so polite and really into her job. We were all shocked at the sound that she was able to get in that place! It was damn good.
During my set a group of students/ tourists visiting from France showed up. From the street they heard the music coming out of the club and decided to pop in.
They brought the party, French style! Lol! It was a lot of fun. 

Long Branch: Show cancelled due to Sandy storm.

Philly: Awesome time at Dobbs, the people at the club were great. Cool scene here.
The promoter called us just as we were pulling up to the venue so that he could come out and stand in the street to hold our parking spot.
To some this might seem like a small thing, but we thought it was really nice.
It's just little things like that really make all the bands comfort level go from 0-10. 
Some places we've gone to have been the opposite, so we really appreciate the people that are good to us.
The audience was into the music, especially Kelsey mom, who was sitting almost front row (Hi Kelseys' mom!).
Some dude on the street tried to sell us drugs, but we said no. Besides everyone was wasted and ready to go back to the hotel at that point. 
Great show at Dobbs though, we'll return again next year for sure.

Buffalo:This city is one of the most underrated cities I know of. Elmwood avenue is gorgeous, and the budding art scene here is truly unique.
Having said that, much to our surprise, the way we were treated at Nietzsche's was absolutely TERRIBLE!
In the green room just before we played, unaware that he was talking to my bandmates, the promoter proceded to say some rather unsavory things about the last show we played in Buffalo. Of course after his speech, my boys came downstairs to let me know what an asshole this guy was.
He was such a wanker, he even refused to give the band more than 1 drink ticket. What a douche!
This was the worst show we played during our whole tour! Not at reflection on the city, it's just a shame this loser was representing them that night.
Harsh? Trust me I'm holding back, nuff said.

Manchester: We love Manchester! No, really we do.
This was one of those shows that we'll probably talk about amungst ourselves for a long time.
If not for the show itself, for the crazy time we had afterwards.
We met some of the most genuine people in Manchester. The hospitality was tremendous.
The audience was the perfect audience for our music.
Everybody was dancing and having a good time.
Nothing but good things to say about this one :)

New York City: Home sweet home. We can't talk shit about NY, we love it here! Both CMJ and Mercury Lounge were a blast. CMJ crowd was pretty sick, lots of heads and cool bands. Mercury Lounge was chill and easy. Glad to be back in the big apple!

That'iks the clean version of what happened on the tour. The other stuff you'll have to read about in some behind the scene's book on the band in the future. my lips are sealed ;)
Until next Tour (next year).


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