On The Road Again

Busy busy busy as usual, but rest assured we are on the road again in just a few days! It's going to be a little different without my drummer and our whole set up, although I'm really looking forward to it. In rehearsals, Kelsey and I had a chance to hash out the music in a way we haven't done since we wrote it. Funny how all the electronics and other instrumentation have the ability to both add to and distract from the core of the songs, the writing. When done in an acoustic way, the stories within the songs take the forefront. Makes me mindful of my first love in music. 

For me, the song writing process is all consuming. I have a hard time focusing on anything else once I put pen to paper. This tour is going to reflect a very intimate side of me that not many people regularly get a chance to see. It forces me to be real in ways that I'm almost uncomfortable with (I said almost). This kind of challenge is the challenge I live for as an artist.
See you all there.

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