Sandy Aftermath

Hey hey my lovies! All is well here in Manhattan. I know that the media would have you all think that the end has come, but not so much. Sure Im without electricity for a few days, the street lights in lower manhattan don't work, and overall it's a ghost town down here, but New Yorkers are tough! Give us lemons, we'll make lemon margherita's, give us a hurricane, we'll get drunk off of those same lemon margherita's til it passes! Look, the point is that in some places the storm hit, shits bad. Hell, in some places its real bad, but I think situations like this force us all to see what really matters in life. What's that you say? Well, it certainly isn't our cell phones, or twitter, or Facebook, or any of the other gadgets we've invented to amuse ourselves (which by the way, depending on where you are located at this point may not be working anyway). Whats matters most in life is living! So even if you are facing a tough road ahead, do your best to go out, take a walk, and along the way give thanks the forces that be that you are still standing....Unlike a lot of tree's in most area. Think about it ;)
Ok, that's enough out of me. I have to head back downtown now. I'm signing off until lord "Con Edision" smiles upon my apartment again.
-Alex Kelly

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