The Making of Orange Circle

I have been putting off writing about this album forever. The reason is because I wasn't sure what I should omit as opposed to what I should share (haha). So here's my semi-censored version of what happened. Try not to vomit (lol). 

I love Kelsey Warren! (I said no vomitting)
Now, before you go making up any "secret-crush" rumors, let me explain. I moved back to NYC not knowing if I could even get a gig, let alone start a new project. I was at a warehouse party in Williamsburg one night with VJ Kala and my friend Melo, when I met a guitar player named Michael. His band was playing the party that night. After offering me a joint (which I reluctantly refused), I asked Michael if he would play guitar in my band (which he reluctantly refused), but offered me the number of someone he said would be "perfect". A few days later I called the number written on rolling paper, and set up a meeting with Kelsey Warren.

Kelsey and I met at Whole Foods in Union Square. Immediately we were comfortable with each other and started to discuss the new project, and how we'd go about executing a plan. I can't explain it, but I knew from jump we were in store for quite a ride. From that day on we set out to make Orange Circle come hell or high water, and boy, if I was ever going to omit anything, this is it! So lets use "bla bla bla blabla bla blabla" for filler.

Several months into it, we found ourselves going to extemes for creative inspiration. One day we were walking down the street and passed an old funky hotel building, whose lobby was filled with sexy Europeans. Yes, all of them, very sexy and very foreign.  So of course, we stopped. What we found inside the hotel was nothing short of a miracle. Wall to wall artwork! Paintings ceiling to floor in every room, all done by various artists. This hotel was like my fantasy writing space! We checked oursleves in for a little over a week, with the vow of either killing each other or finishing the album. The result is what you all will be listening today. I wish I could tell you the name of the hotel, but I have alreaedy given you enough clues to do a google search and find it on your own. Besides, I really love it there and would hate to not be able to get a reservation (wink wink). Love you though. Anyhow, not only were we able to gig in NY, but everyone was and continues to be super receptive to the music. I'm grateful and so humbled by this experience. Kelsey and I fought like brother and sister, especially when it came to exchanging certain ideas, but when all was said and done, each gave just enough to make it all work, just like Michael said "perfect".

Want more behind the scene's stories? Check out my diary later this week.


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