Tour Time

Aaah, the highs and lows of a touring Indie band...tisk tisk, where to start? I could say some shit here, but I'll try to keep it nice. Here are some highlights from our recent tour, I'll post some more blather in a few days. 

The Fire
- Philly, PA
The Situation: When you roll out of the tour van in your daisy dukes, Nirvana T-shirt and a head scarf, and everyone greets you with a smile, you know it's gonna be a good night! 

The Venue: Mid-sized place. Part hipster bar + part dive bar = a whooole lot of fun. The greenroom was a separate apartment upstairs, which I had all to myself. The staff was super chill and the bartenders gave us mad drink tickets. We luvs drunky tickets! 

Highlights: Great crowd. Kelsey and I shared a heinie with the boys from The Good Mess (That's heineken you pervs!). We all chilled and smoked after the show.

Verdict: From load-in to show time, the staff at The Fire were fantastic! The people came out to hear music, dance, and hang with bands... and that my friends is rock n roll!

TheTreehouse-Washington, D.C.

The Situation: The bartender was the soundman. Can you feel my anger? No? THE BARTENDER AND THE SOUNDMAN WERE THE SAME PERSON!!

The Venue: Multilevel venue, small, nice bar area.

Highlights: After fumbling around with the sound for about an hour, the very nice, very sweet bartender finally relented and went to look for someone who actually knew sound! You know like went to sound school and stuff... At that point we were pretty much screwed, so I  got behind the bar and started mixing up some shots to calm the restless audience (oh, yes I did!!). The alleged soundman was all "Whatcho doin?" and I'm like "No! Whatchoo doin?!" In the end we all laughed and made the best of it, but behind closed doors Kelsey and I were not happy to say the least. Pissed is more like it.

Verdict: Venue Fail! Sound Fail! Gig fail!

Sidenote: The after party was crazo! Kelsey and I popped in and out of a bunch of random clubs for the rest of the night. Rooftops, ratchet basement clubs, DC lounges, we did it all. 

Taffys- Eaton, OH
 Verdict: This one was so good. I talked about it in a recent interview. Check it out here

To Be Continued..........

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