GCR Audio

I'm always a little afraid to mention that we're making new music. It's the point of no return where people start asking you "When is it going to be done?" and "Aren't you guys working on a new project?" After… Read more

On The Road Again

Busy busy busy as usual, but rest assured we are on the road again in just a few days! It's going to be a little different without my drummer and our whole set up, although I'm really looking forward to…Read more

OM Tour Review

The Orange Meltdown tour is officially over, and what a time we had. Instead of writing this "diary" style, I'm just going to break it down by city.
Ok, check it out:

 This was the very first…Read more

Tour Update

November portion of the tour, check! What a crazy time on the road with pIILOW tHEORY. Being in a van with several guys and only one other girl was pretty hilarious. Boy, you really get to know some personal stuff…Read more

Sandy Aftermath

Hey hey my lovies! All is well here in Manhattan. I know that the media would have you all think that the end has come, but not so much. Sure Im without electricity for a few days, the street lights…Read more

CMJ Showcase

Hella-awesome! That's pretty much all I have to say about our showcase for CMJ last Tuesday night. Industry b.s. was a factor as usual, but other than that we had a great night, and played a killer set. My boy…Read more


Hey hey, long time no write. I've been busy what can I say. We just wraped the music video's for both Orange Circle and Catalyst. Omg guys, after several days of running around for this and that, dancing, and spending…Read more

Dora on my shoe

Walking in the E. Village headed to a party one night last week in the blazing heat,  I started hearing a kind of  "sctratchy-scratchy" sound. After a few blocks I notice that there was something attached to my shoe. I… Read more

Album Release Party Wrap-Up

 Here are a few pics from the show. If you werent there you missed killer show. P.S I like the one that looks like I'm levitating....finally! 
Check it out:

Behind the Scenes Part 2

Recently, I was asked to tell a little background story about how Orange Circle was created, so I thought it would make a great journal entry too!
If you don't already know my 11:11 fiansco , here is the…

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The Making of Orange Circle

I have been putting off writing about this album forever. The reason is because I wasn't sure what I should omit as opposed to what I should share (haha). So here's my semi-censored version of what happened. Try… Read more

Beach time!

This is my last day of vacation until the madness continues (sad face), but only sad face for the fun I won't be having in the sun, in this beautiful place. However, I can't complain too much seeing as how…

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