Behind the Scenes Part 2

Recently, I was asked to tell a little background story about how Orange Circle was created, so I thought it would make a great journal entry too!
If you don't already know my 11:11 fiansco , here is the short of it:
One day 11:11 started appearing everywhere. I'm talking clocks, reciepts, addresses, license plates, you name it. Needless to say, I started getting a little nutty about it after a while. Eventually, I began doing some research on the number 11, which lead to a rather bizzare book entitled "The Law of One" by Ra, the humble messangers of the law of one. The book has 4 parts and scared the Bejesis out of me, but also inspired me to create Orange Circle. I do not recommend this book for casual reading, as the language is a little rough at times. Also, the book is kinda strange, ya know?

I based all of the songs off of concepts I found interesting. The main point that the book makes is that mankind must learn how to LOVE. I really resonate with this idea. I think that if everyone on the planet made a concious effort to practice love on an individual level, than the "problems" of the entire world would cease. Hippie talk you say? The same hippies that did this:

AMAZING.Yep, Im with it!  I'd like to encourage all of my fans to make it their mission in 2012 to perform random acts of LOVE. I believe in you ;)
The Orange Circle single is about the joy of existing, the joy of being. It is a celebration of the sun, giver of LOVE/LIGHT, the source of life for all living things on planet earth.
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