Well well well

I guess the day has arrived at long last. I'm back! Back on stage that is. Life has certainly been a whirlwind up until this point. So much has happened since my last performance, an experience I'm dying to tell…

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Status: Chillen

Well that was a nightmare! Spring is finally here, thank god. I'm not sure how much more of this NYC weather I can take. Maybe move to Florida or something. Although I'm not sure what the music scene is like…

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The Deep Freeze

Seems like a good time to pop in before the end of the year, no? I know, I know, you missed me so much your face almost popped off! Well rest assured I'm here now. Let’s catch you up on…

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Mic Check

Eh Hem, is this thing on?.....I have good news for everyone, I'm still alive! Omg, I pretty much pee'd my pants this morning when I read a fan email asking if I was "still alive". WOW, really?! You guys are…Read more

BAM Wrap Up

The reality is, I'm a new woman!  Finally the butterfly has emerged! Everything about the show was perfect. I even kept my shoes on for once, so I'm feeling real good right now, REAL GOOD. The show at BAM…Read more