I was at the Northside Festival last weekend having a really great time. The whole day I drank free Jameson and ate free food. I was with my very best friends, other musicians, and occasionally the random chatty person. I couldn't have been happier. The whole day passed and I started thinking "This is the perfect day"....or so I thought. At 2am I was hungry again, so my friends and I went to the last open taco truck in Williamsburg. I set my hula hoop (which I had had all day) against a gate that was literally less than a foot away from us. As we turned our backs to the hoop at that ungodly hour, and enjoyed our last meal....I finished my taco only to discover that some A-hole made off with my hoop! We didnt even see it!

For those of you that know how much of a hoop addict I am, you know I was totally freaking out. Thank the lord I had so much alcohol in me that the shock of my stolen hoop didn't hit me til the next morning. Why, why, why???? Stealing is bad. Perhaps the theif never learned this on their local playground as a child, but when you take what isn't yours, usually the take-y gets their older sibling to kick your stealing take-r butt! Why I oughtta......You're lucky my big sister Daphine wasn't here or I'd have her sit on you!

So I'm gonna cry some more....and then cry some more. I was given that hoop 5 years ago by a hippie in the park. She was magical and taught me her magic....So I'm gonna cry about my stolen memory. After a few days though, I'm gonna either make a new hoop myself or buy one. There will never be one like the one I had though. It was the hoop of the golden goddess.....And if I see someone with it, I'm gonna show them a picture of it, wag my finger at them really hard, and politely ask for it back. If that doesn't work, I'll have to resort to the sneakers and vaseline in my purse (and trust me, nobody wants that!).


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