Tour Update

November portion of the tour, check! What a crazy time on the road with pIILOW tHEORY. Being in a van with several guys and only one other girl was pretty hilarious. Boy, you really get to know some personal stuff about people when you're in such a confined space for hours on end. Im so happy that we're all traveling together. So you want the lowdown eh? Well, I'll be the first one to dish since after reading this, Im sure the guys are gonna talk maaad smack! Kelsey drools...hard! And is a total redbull + Cinnabon addict. Not at the same time, but I wouldnt put it past him, he likes the sugar. He says its a tour thing, but I saw some icing in the corner of his lip the other day (non-tour day) so he's hooked I suspect.

Bill is pretty unique. He did so many little interesting things (too manny to list), but they were definitely interesting. He LOVES Chris Brown and R&B in general, which is really rad. Bill is a total freak on stage, I love how he gets completely locked into a song. Danos drives like its Sunday-everyday, Lol! He and my merch girl Lovely performed and unforgettable navigation through NYC....I slept through most of that drama thank goodness! Mark just randomly appeared whenever Danos disappeared, a magic trick pIILLOW tHEORY will have to teach AK at some point.

I was of course a perfrect angel who never did anything wrong, and was awesome the whole time, no quirks...just awesomeness!  Ok, well thats my version of the first half of the tour anyway ;) More to come as we make our way through upstate NY and beyond. Here we go!

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