Mic Check

Eh Hem, is this thing on?.....I have good news for everyone, I'm still alive! Omg, I pretty much pee'd my pants this morning when I read a fan email asking if I was "still alive". WOW, really?! You guys are so crazy sometimes. I can't give you too much shit though, since the world appears to have gone absolutely mad with the advent of social media. Sorry guys, I'm a little old school on this topic. I love ya'll, but I don't LOVE YOU LOVE YOU. How do I say this? I can't actually live in the matrix with you, but I promise to visit every now and then. How's that?  

I mean come on, still alive? I can't. Anyways, I'm good. In fact I'm REAL good. Working on music (you know like art and stuff), living my life (which by the way off the road, turns out to be pretty wonderful), and most importantly I'm NOT updating my status with selfies every time I eat a cookie or take a shit. Yea, that last part was for shock value. Did it work? Seeeeeee, I'm not so bad at this after all. Please keep your emails coming, oh how I do enjoy reading the zany notes you leave.

You want a pic don't you? Alright, alright. Here's one of me not giving a F*%$

-Alex (The Undead)

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