Status: Chillen

Well that was a nightmare! Spring is finally here, thank god. I'm not sure how much more of this NYC weather I can take. Maybe move to Florida or something. Although I'm not sure what the music scene is like there. Anyhow, it's over! So what's new? Same shit new day, new music, new musicians, new life, new attitude. I think that takes care of all the new stuff. FYI, I hate writing about this shit, makes me yawn. I do like to check in every now and then though, so here I am....checking in...

Still no FB/IG/Twit/or whatever other spy programs everyone is into these days. This world is so crazy. Seems like the only thing we have left is music. Find some that you love. Something that makes you feel good, mind, body, and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) soul. Cling to it. It may be your last hope.

Be safe out there


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