1. Eros

From the recording Orange Circle

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Written and produced by Alex Kelly, music by Alex Kelly and Gota Yashiki(Groove), mixed by Justin Rose at GCR Audio, mastered by Hillary Johnson.


When the rose
Pushes up
She wants out
Seedling dream
One day
She’ll be a flower

When the rose
Pushes up
She wants out
She believes
One day
She’ll be a flower

Faith Unseen
Inward turning
Her destiny
To reach
Will she be
Or protagonist
Of her story

No one knows
But she’ll grow
And she’ll grow

When the rose
Pushes up
She feels power
She’s supposed
To blossom into a flower

Through the dirt
She must climb
And leave her roots behind
She must fight
Just to prove
What she’s worth
Rising up
Against the weight of the earth.

Damn the stones
Damn the obstacle course
Damn the thorns
She knows
This is her hour
All alone
She has labored and toiled
To transform
Into a pretty red flower

When the rose pushes up
Be wants out
Splits the ground

To the top
She’ll rise
Leave the surface behind
She’ll ascend
In full bloom
She will pose
Having become the master

The rose.