1. North Star

From the recording Orange Circle

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Written and produced by Alex Kelly, written by Alex Kelly, music by Alex Kelly and Kelsey Warren, mixed by Justin Rose at GCR Audio, mastered by Hillary Johnson.


Be un-cool
Break the rules
Challenge everything you’re told
Let’s awake
This is the U.S.A.

Ain’t no freedom in America
In America we have slaves we give wages
New democracy now
In our cages all ages

Consumerism destroying the nation
We’re witnessing civil rights degradation
And propagandas the sole information
I can’t believe this is my generation

Rather deny it and be compliant
Than try to fight it
En masse

You gonna be grown men or be scared boys?

So you want to be hardcore
Facebook warrior
Get off the couch
Get out of the house
Show them what you stand for
Do it today
You’ve got to disobey

You gonna be grown men or be scared boys?

They’re killing earth with their deforestation
Rationalizing dehumanization
And what about GMO propagation
I cant believe this is my generation
Do nothing for the corporation
Do nothing
En Masse