1. Orange Circle

From the recording Orange Circle

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Summer party at the coastline
Bringing my friends along
Walking the doggie
Licking ice cream
Yellow string bikini making boys shout

We’re driving with the top down
Living in the sunshine

Hey hey
We don’t care none
We can be ourselves
And have fun
Under the bright
Orange circle in the sky

Beachside seashells
Cotton Candy cocktails
Next Stop
Board walk
Where the ladies like to strut

Volley balling in the white sand
Kissing on the hottie’s body
With the best tan
Swimming and hula hooping
Motor scooter
Then we’re going surfing

8 O’ clock
Cherry flavored lollipops
Bumping Everybody Jumping

Shaking off the worries of yesterday
Shimmy our troubles into the past
Tripping on the air of pure happiness
Dancing in the joy of today

For tomorrow
We’ve got to go
Back to reality
So we don’t want to S.T.O.P

Summer Party at the coastline
Bringing my friends along