1. Catalyst

From the recording Orange Circle

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Written and produced by Alex Kelly, music by Alex Kelly and Kelsey Warren, engineered by AJ Hurry and Justin Rose, mixed by Justin Rose at GCR Audio, mastered by Hillary Johnson.


You are the only one
I am completely naked for
For the first time ever
I am not afraid to let go

I’m safe
As your
Plucking at the strings of my heart
Go ahead
It’s yours
Play me a harmonious score

Higher than before

Oh happy day
When you take me
Up and away
When you’re leaving I’m begging you stay
Absolutely knocked heels over head
You’re the reason
You’re my catalyst

I finally found liberty
The substance of my fantasy’s

I’m your Juliet you’re my Romeo
Better than anyone when we are alone
With your song
Changed me from girl to woman
All night long
You’re the only one

I used to have my pride
Held it up
But that was before

You opened up my life
I can still recall the sweet
Seducing melody

You sang
With your instrument of panduriform

Higher than before

I am fortunate
To have felt
This kind of conversion
There is no one else
You have dominated my attention

Come with me and stay the night
I’m in need of your music
Ecstasy our final note
Make it higher than before

Know you have to go but I
Don’t want to say goodbye

I lay awake in bed
Bated breath
I’m waiting for the turnaround
Waiting for the next time we go

Higher than before